When you employ commercial painters, it is quite expected of them to deliver high standard service and qualitatively superior work. You are investing in such a professional group and you’d want the best of what the commercial painting services can offer. But if you are not aware of the conditions of the walls and ceilings, there may be chances of visible qualitatively inferior work in spite of commercial painting.

Here’s a list of checks and inspection that you can begin with:

A wall checkup

Pay heed to the condition and state of your walls and ceilings. If it is a new place that you’ve taken, then ask your commercial painters about the kind of treatment and paint that the wall has had earlier, if there are any problems with that and if there are things that need to be taken care of. If there are leakages from pipes inside walls, you would have to get them fixed. Damp walls are absolutely not a pleasant view. They also invite growth of fungi. So have a checkup routine set for your wall before you begin with the painting.

Check the materials that the painters are using

Often, when you hire commercial painters without checking their work profile or background, there are chances that those you’ve hired may try to trick you with poor services. To stay on a safer side, take a look at the kind and quality of materials they are going to be using. If they are up to the standard that you’ve paid for. Or if they happen to be dissatisfying. It’s better to check before they start working on your walls.

Check for the level of VOC in the paint

Commercial painting involves using quite an amount of paint for multiple coats on your wall. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC are toxins present in most varieties of wall paint. They continue to linger in the air even long after finishing the painting work. As the need of the hour requires us to be not just health conscious but also environment-friendly, make sure the paint being used is either low VOC or non-VOC paint. It would keep those living within the house from breathing in such toxins.

No skipping the prep

If you are not around, they may also skip a lot of prepping steps. More than the painting actually, what determines the finish is the effort that goes into prep time that includes, filling holes and damages, sanding, smothering it out and letting the putty and primer dry. Only if your walls are well treated would the painted coats be neat and bright. So make sure that your painting team does not skip the necessary steps before painting.

Good professional commercial painting would also include acknowledging that corner work on the wall comes before the roller begins its work and boxed paint yields better results. Painting the interiors of your house is exciting as it would revamp the entire interior look. So it’s important to look at the painting services that you’re employing and the kind of work they do, along with these general tips.